Drive Restore (A1398)

Drive Restore (A1398) allows you to quickly and simply restore tired resin bound surfaces to their natural beauty, at a reduced cost*. Completely unique, Drive Restore (A1398) is a hardwearing UV-resistant polyurethane (PU) sealer. It provides a tough PU layer to restore and extend the life of the surface, whilst maintaining SUDs compliance. Drive Restore (A1398) is quickly and easily spray-applied over the existing resin surface via a pressurised canister system.

Restores resin bound surfaces to their natural beauty
Most resin bound surfaces can lose their glossy appearance over time, with many people complaining of a dull and ‘matted’ look. By simply spraying Drive Restore (A1398) onto a clean resin bound surface, the surface will look fresh and glossy once again. Typical areas Drive Restore (A1398) will re-life include: driveways, paths and other large decorative areas.

Much more attractive option to existing methods
In the past, restoring resin surfaces was a costly and lengthy process. You only had the option of using a roller-coat product or reinstalling the system. Drive Restore (A1398) is the only product on the market that can quickly restore a ‘matted’ resin surface via a sprayable pressurised canister system. Extensive QUV weathering testing  and independent  trials prove that Drive Restore (A1398) can re-life  both UV and non-UV surfaces  for at least two years**.

Minimises project costs through spray application
The spray application keeps project costs to a minimum; it reduces time required onsite and ensures economical even coverage – unlike a roller-coat product. Drive Restore (A1398) will cover a surface area of up to 120m². Trials prove that the coverage of Drive Restore (A1398) is 80% more economical than that of a traditional roller-coat product.

Assists with anti-slip and may help with remedial work
Independent tests prove that Drive Restore (A1398) has excellent anti-slip properties, which can be enhanced further when applied with crushed glass or fine sand. Please contact us for the full anti-slip report.
Drive Restore (A1398) may also help with remedial work for flawed projects. However, Drive Restore (A1398) should only be used for such projects with Apollo Construction Solutions’ approval. Please contact Apollo or one of our partners for more information.

Drive Restore (A1398) is only available through our carefully selected partners, please contact us for more information.

View our Drive Restore (A1398) instructional video here. The video is a detailed step-by-step guide to that shows how to set-up, apply, maintain, depressurise and dispose of the Drive Restore (A1398) canister safely and to ensure best results.  

Please download our Product Brochure or Spray Manual for more information on Drive Restore (A1398).

*In comparison to traditional applications/alternatives.
**Based on QUV testing, which is not subject to all environmental factors.

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