Hygienic Wall Cladding

At Apollo Construction Solutions, we offer a specially-formulated adhesive for bonding uPVC hygienic panels, allowing you to provide decorative, practical and hygienic cladding solutions. Our solvent-free product exhibits resistance to extreme conditions, including steam-cleaning and temperature fluctuations. Essentially, our hygienic panel adhesives is designed to endure the strenuous day-to-day demands of wet areas. With excellent adhesion properties to all sound substrates for internal wall constructions, our Apollo hygienic adhesive allows you to offer fully watertight solutions for both new and refurbishment projects, which are suitable for use with all types of wall cladding systems.

Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) - Solvent-Free Construction Adhesive 2K MCPU
Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) was developed specifically to bond all types of uPVC wall cladding systems to a wide range of substrates, where the intended use is hygiene-sensitive areas; kitchen, bathrooms, showers and changing rooms. It is a solvent-free two-component (2K) polyurethane adhesive that securely bonds a wide range of materials/substrates. Apollo Lamination (A9434 A/B) is applied manually via a notched trowel or spatula.

Apollo Construction (A6546) - Water-Based Panel Bonding Adhesive
Apollo Construction (A6546) has been specifically developed for a wide range of panel bonding applications, including fixing batons and uPVC wall panels directly onto vertical substrates, without any mechanical fixings. It is a single component solvent-free water-based adhesive that offers the manufacturer many benefits. Apollo Construction (A6546) is applied manually via a notched trowel or spatula.

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