Apollo UV-Resistant Resin Bound System (A9713/A9655) significantly exceeds anti-slip requirements!

Published: 21 February 2018

Apollo UV-Resistant Resin Bound System (A9713/A9655) has excellent anti-slip properties. It is over double the current anti-slip requirements when crushed glass is added to the freshly laid surface!

Apollo Construction Solutions understands your customers need for an attractive, yet safe resin bound driveway or surface, especially with regards to slip resistance. This is why we instructed FloorSlip* to independently assess the anti-slip properties of Apollo UV-Resistant Resin Bound System (A9713/A9655) when used as the binder for a resin bound surface.

The results showed that the slip resistance is over 40% above current requirements, in both wet and dry conditions. Adding crushed glass to the freshly laid surface can increase slip resistance up to over double the current requirements. This gives your customers confidence when using Apollo UV-Resistant Resin Bound System (A9713/A9655) as an aggregate binder that their final laid surfaces will be safe.

Darrell Tibbins, Apollo’s Technical Manager, comments “With Safety being one of our Core Values, we always strive to ensure our products are not just high-performing, but also safe. Apollo UV-Resistant Resin Bound System (A9713/A9655) not only retains its colour with exposure to sunlight, but also significantly exceeds anti-slip requirements!”

A copy of the report is available in our Downloads section.

*Impartial and Independent Floor Testing Company, specialising in 'Pendulum’ Testing.