Canister (A1314)

Canister (A1314) is a multipurpose high-performance pressurised canister adhesive, suitable for internal and external applications. It will bond a wide range of materials, including PVC. Canister (A1314) has been developed for fast, simple and economical application, whilst providing the high-strength durable bond of a traditional moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesive

Multipurpose MCPU adhesive in a canister: suitable for an extensive range of applications
Canister (A1314) meets the demand for a multipurpose MCPU adhesive in a canister. It is suitable for use offsite and onsite for internal and external use. It can be used for flat and vertical areas, for an array of industrial and construction applications. Canister (A1314) is compatible with a wide range of materials, including rigid insulation, mineral wool, metals, PVC, plastics, concrete, timber, MDF, hardboard, decorative laminates, carpet tiles, carpet sheet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, calcium silicate board, cement particle board, plasterboard, GRP, cork, flexible foam, and many more.

Minimises task-time and cost: fast, simple and economical application
At Apollo, we understand that minimising task-time and cost is essential. Canister (A1314) is a pressurised canister system with a gun-applicator, which provides fast, simple and economical application of adhesive. This allows the operative to apply a precise amount of adhesive to both substrates more quickly and easily, when compared to applying a traditional two-way stick adhesive with a hand-roller, trowel or scraper.

Complete peace of mind: high-strength durable weatherproof bond
Canister (A1314) provides the same high-strength durable weatherproof bond of a traditional MCPU adhesive, whilst providing the convenience of a pressurised canister. There are many other canister products in the market, but Canister (A1314) has excellent aging properties and is resistant to water, extreme temperatures (-30-150°C) and chemicals once fully cured. Canister (A1314) is suitable for the secure bonding of plasticised PVC due to its ‘contact type’ properties and resistance to plasticisers.

Allows for unforeseen delays: high initial bond strength with a long working open-time
It is not always possible to foresee issues which may cause delays, whether onsite or in the factory. Canister (A1314) has a high initial bond strength, which allows for immediate handling of materials without clamping or other fixings, whilst its long working-time of up to 20 minutes (two-way stick method) provides the flexibility required to account for unforeseen delays.

Ensures smooth application: non-foaming spray adhesive
Canister (A1314) ensures a smooth consistent application, whether applied onsite or during the manufacturing process. The non-foaming spray allows for an even application of adhesive, with a consistent coat-weight. Also, Canister (A1314) does not increase in viscosity during winter, unlike many standard MCPU adhesives, which gives excellent results all year round.

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