Construction (A9434 A/B)

Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) allows you to securely bond all types of uPVC wall cladding systems to a wide range of substrates, where the intended use is in hygienic areas.

Peace of mind: developed specifically for uPVC wall cladding systems
At Apollo, we understand that uPVC wall cladding systems have many benefits; high durability, aesthetically-pleasing finish and low-maintenance. However, we are also aware that bonding such systems is difficult. Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) has been developed specifically for adhering uPVC wall cladding systems, with its high-grab and non-slump consistency ensuring a safe and secure bond.

Suitable for use in wet areas: resistant to extreme conditions, including steam cleaning and temperature
Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) has been developed to withstand the extreme conditions that uPVC wall claddings systems endure in hygienic/wet areas. The adhesive is resistant to steam cleaning, water, chemicals and extreme temperatures (-30-150°C), once fully cured. It also has excellent aging properties. These properties ensure a strong resilient bond.

Extremely versatile: suitable for use with a wide range of surfaces
We know you want one adhesive that is suitable for use with a range of surfaces. Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) is an extremely versatile adhesive. It will securely bond uPVC (plastic facings/fascias) to a wide range of surfaces, including board, concrete, brick and tile. This versatility helps to reduce the
number of adhesives you require for any given job.

Minimises installation time: non-slump and fast-cure adhesive
Minimising installation time is essential, and Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) has been developed with this in mind. It comes supplied as a ready-to-mix kit, which is simple to apply to vertical surfaces with a notched-trowel or spatula due to its non-slump (viscous) formula. This helps to reduce cleaning tasks by limiting mess and waste. Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) cures in as little as 6 hours. This helps to minimise overall project time.

Green credentials: solvent-free and compliant to BREEAM EN 13999:2013
Green credentials are becoming increasingly important within the construction industry, and this is set to continue. Apollo Construction (A9434 A/B) is solvent-free, which makes it more environmentally friendly and pleasant to use compared to solvent-based products (VOCs). It also makes it suitable for use on a wide range of projects, even those with high levels of public usage, such as schools and hospitals. Aollo Construction (A9434 A&B) is compliant to indoor air quality regulations under BREEAM EN 13999:2013.

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