Resin Aggregate Binders

Apollo Resin Aggregate Binders have been developed by our expert chemists specifically for creating cost-effective hardwearing aggregate surfacing or flooring. The range consists of two-component (2K) polyurethane systems, which can be used with a wide range of dried aggregates, compatible with most common substrates, such as asphalt, concrete, bitumen or steel.

Resin (A9298/A9578)
Resin-Bound Non-UV Stable System (2K PU)

Resin (A9713/A9655)
Resin-Bound UV-Stable System (2K PU)

Resin (A9493 A/B)
Resin-Bonded Economical Kit (2K PU)

Resin (A9846 A/B)
Resin-Bonded Flexible Kit (2K PU)

Enhance aesthetics
Every Apollo Resin system, when combined with a range of dried aggregates, provides aesthetically-pleasing and virtually maintenance-free surfaces.  With a large choice of decorative options, the Apollo Resin range offers great design freedom and flexibility to create stunning finished surfaces. The systems may be used in combination to compliment or contrast with other typical landscaping surfaces, including grass, wooden decking, bricks and pavers.

Establish excellent moisture-tolerance quickly
Most contractors require an aggregate flooring system that can withstand various weather conditions, particularly damp conditions. In-house tests prove that the Apollo Resin systems are tolerant of moisture in as little as four hours of being laid (at 20°C).

Fast-curing systems
The Apollo Resin systems are able to withstand heavy foot traffic in as little as four hours (at 20°C) of it being laid. In-house tests also prove that our systems are extremely hardwearing and durable. This makes Apollo Resin systems perfect for areas where there will be continuous heavy footfall, including footpaths, garden patios and public areas.

Water-permeable for rapid drainage
Apollo understands that compliance with the Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) regulations is essential. The Apollo Resin systems are water-permeable, so every project will be completely compliant with the SUDs regulations.

Ideal for refurbishment projects
The Apollo Resin systems are suitable for creating completely new flooring or overlaying existing flooring. It can be quickly and easily laid on top of bituminous mastic, concrete or asphalt, which makes it an economical choice for refurbishment projects.

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