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Laying Resin For Aggregate Bound Surfaces

Laying Resin For Decorative Surfaces: What you need to know!

For over 20 years, internationally recognised construction companies have been trusting Apollo Construction Solutions (APCS) to manufacture and supply high-performance resins, adhesives, sealants, primers and refurb products.

During this time, we have worked with many decorative surfacing companies to ensure that they can offer beautiful hard-wearing permeable solutions compliant with SUDs regulations, along with easy-to-use resin repair and restore products. This has enabled us to build a vast amount of knowledge and experience of aggregate bound projects, and an understanding of the main issues that homeowners, local authorities and facility managers face with their laid decorative surfaces.

”When laid correctly, aggregate bound surfaces can be an attractive long lasting surface option. However, issues can easily arise due to errors or shortcuts taken when laying the surface, resulting in a costly and lengthy process to fix the mistakes. Yet, these could easily be prevented if the system is laid correctly.

Following this guide will help to make sure you don’t encounter any problems when laying your aggregate bound surface. We explain what can go wrong, showing the main issues faced and why they may happen. Our advice on how you can prevent these costly mistakes will help to ensure you end up with a beautiful hardwearing surface first time, every time. All information presented is based on APCS’ practical experience and laboratory tests.”

Peter Dixon, Account Manager


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